Rise and grinds CBD elixirs are lab tested

Fully Lab Tested

Each ingredient is hand chosen

Each ingredient specifically is chosen

Rise and grind elixirs energize and recover the body

Energize And Recover

Become a Rise & Grind Retailer

Have an online dispensary? Our wholesale program is the perfect beverage solution if you’re looking to add a creative health beverage to your online store.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow worldwide Rise & Grind Elixirs offers a completely unique unlike anything in Canada.

Partnering with Rise & Grind Elixirs include:

  • Professional POS material.
  • Profitable margins for great earning potential.
  • Full product training and ongoing support.


How Rise & Grind Elixirs Is Different

With multiple CBD products on the market all selling the same product with different potencies, Rise & Grind Elixirs offers a completely new unique experience to a non-psychoactive coffee and tea beverages. With the massive growth in the cannabis industry, the majority of these new products are all duplicating one another, unfortunately, most businesses are just looking for a quick buck.

Rise & Grind Elixirs takes the same potent benefits many CBD companies offer and complement it with a wide group of health foods extracts. We wanted to position ourselves in the market doing something completely new using potent extracts, offering professionals, and fun solutions.

Premium Products From Trusted Suppliers

Our philosophy was simple, to create a product that offers a wide range of health benefits using herbs, mushrooms, and CBD. We wanted the integrity of our elixirs to stand out from some of the other mushroom and herb products on the market. We do this by using high quality certified organic PURE powders. All of our suppliers held to the highest quality standards.


Rise and Grind Elixirs Wholesale

Please reach out if you are an online retailer looking to sell any of the Rise and Grind elixir products.
If you are interested in our private label products we may have a solution for you.

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