Coffee & Testosterone Boosting Elixir – 10 Pack

Coffee & Testosterone Boosting Elixir – 10 Pack


Rise & Grind Elixir -Coffee with CBD

We created the best alpha male single dose beverage designed to give your body energy, recover from inflammation, boost natural testosterone production all packaged in a convenient easy to consume packet.

Rise & Grind coffee offers you, that morning cup of coffee with a WHOLE lot more. We took your average 1000mg cup of caffeine and added in:

    • Herbs to boost libido, mood, and adrenal fatigue.
    • Mushrooms to support brain function and respiratory function. (nonpsychoactive)
    • CBD to calm the mind while recovering inflammation
    • Chocolate and sweeteners to make it enjoyable to consume.
    • Each box contains 10 packets

“Feel the benefits without the high.”

- +

All Good Things Come With A Little Sweetness.

Raw Cacao Powder (500 mg)

  • Did someone say chocolate? When you first learn that raw cacao is a superfood I nearly did a backflip with joy. We use a delicious Peru and Dominican cacao powder to add a little sweetness to each coffee.

Peppermint Extract (250 mg)

  • Peppermint extract powder gives each Elixir that vibrant smoothness to wake up your senses so you’re body is alert and feeling good.

Alpha Ingredients

Mucuna Pruriens (250 mg)

  • Mucuna Pruriens aka “the magic velvet bean” is not your typical legume. This beast of an extract can help with mood, improve sleep, lean muscle mass, and even help enhance libido while improving sexual performance.

Bulbine Natalensis (250 mg)

  • Bulbine Natalensis from the southern region of Africa is well known in the fitness industry as natural testosterone while decreasing estrogen…just google it! This super extract adds a subtly bitter taste to our elixir.

Rhodiola (250 mg)

  • Grown in the mountainous regions of Asia and Europe this gangster plant helps with energy, endurance, and mental capacity. Its adaptogenic benefits help the body in a nonspecific way, supporting you how you need to be supported.

Horny Goat Weed (250 mg)

  • The title of this ancient Chinese herb Epimedium kinda says enough…no? This herb has long been consumed in Chinese medicine for centuries for its health benefits.



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