Second Brain Hot Chocolate – Psilocybin Micro-dose

Second Brain Hot Chocolate – Psilocybin Micro-dose


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Second Brain – Microdosed Hot Chocolate

Second brain hot chocolate is the perfect psilocybin microdose that allows your body to experience a light glow without the daunting effects of an overwhelming magic mushroom high. It’s a very light and mild experience that’s complemented with natural raw cacao, lions mane 1:1 mushrooms extract, and nicotinic acid (vitamin B3) to help with absorption into the body.

  • Raw Cacao – is a delicious superfood packed with flavonoids and let’s not forget it’s a fantastic aphrodisiac.
  • Lions Mane Mushrooms extract 1:1 – lions mane mushrooms pass through the blood-brain barrier and contribute by supporting NGF “Nero-growth factors” optimizing mood elevation
  • Reishi Mushroom extract 1:1 – helps support overall immunity and restful sleep
  • Monk fruit, cinnamon, and vanilla powder – natural sweeteners with no added sugars or other BS!
  • Psilocybin – helps activate serotonin receptors which activate the prefrontal cortex. This affects mood, cognition, and perception

“Designed for a light positive glow.”


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