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Why Elixirs?

Elixirs are commonly known for medical purposes and at Rise and Grind Elixirs we believe food is medicine for the body. Nutrition is the gas for your engine “aka your body.” We wanted to take your everyday morning warm beverage like tea, hot chocolate, and coffee and then add in some of the most potent herbs extracts, mushroom extracts, and CBD to support overall health and immunity.

Complimenting the potency of CBD to our product was just an added benefit, more importantly, we have a drink for any occasion.

Our Primal herbs are packed full of nutrient-dense ingredients like mucuna pruriens which are a potent aphrodisiac, bulbine natalensis which help support natural testosterone in men and women. Medicinal mushrooms like lions mane, reishi, and cordyceps help with brain function, immunity, and cardiovascular.

Our matcha and Instant Rocket Fuel offer a subtle caffeine experience with the added benefits of CBD. Each drink was created for overall body performance. We are confident once you start using the product you will feel the difference.

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Love our product but want more bang for your buck?

Check out our Rise and Grind Elixir tins, each tin comes with 5-10 more doses than the box of 10. This means if you’re looking for a generous scoop at your own leisure that you can add to a coffee, hot water, or even a smoothie. All R&G tins come with a resealable lid for when you’re on the go. As a bonus product, and only available in tin cans, we have a simple coffee and CBD aka Instant Rocket Fuel to launch you into your day.

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CBD oil

What’s important to know about CBD is one, it’s definitely not bad for you, and two, pure CBD won’t get you high.

CBD stands for cannabidiol and has recently taken the medical industry by storm for its natural health and wellness benefits. No more are the days where Advil is required for body pain. CBD is potent in anti-inflammatory benefits. CBD has strong scientific evidence behind its effectiveness in treating issues like epilepsy and seizures.

What to expect when taking CBD, again its got strong anti-inflammatory benefits reducing joint pain, arthritis pain, and even helps with seasonal depression also great for overall mood and sleep. The great news is cannabidiols are safe to use and a great alternative to all sorts of body pain. Try it today and see for yourself.



  • Rise & Grind CBD Oil – 1500 mg 60ml


    When choosing which CBD tincture would best suit our customers we knew a 1500 mg would hit the spot. Considering a majority of our customers are fitness enthusiasts, that push a little harder a macro dose of CBD is perfect for reducing inflammation and ease that joint pain. Made from organic MCT oil and organically grown hemp, Zero pesticides or…

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