How Rise & Grind Started

Rise and Grind Coffees
how our company Rise and Grind elixir started

If you’re like me, one of the best starts to a day is a nice cup of coffee.

I like to hustle, get after it, and take care of business. I do this both in my professional life with work and physically, practicing jiu-jitsu.

I wanted to create a coffee that doesn’t just give you that caffeine rush but rather something that uses ancient herbs like horny goat weed, bulbine natalensis, mucuna pruriens that increase sex drive, libido and natural testosterone. 

After adding those herbs I knew I had to compliment it with some of the best performance mushrooms like Lion’s mane for brain function and cordyceps for endurance.

After adding in some delicious natural sweetness like raw chocolate and peppermint I knew It was missing once last thing….?

The king tut of inflammation and recovery…..CBD

This concoction mixed together not only taste great but supports your body so that when you wake up you can Rise & Grind.

CBD elixirs that contain no THC.


Our product is lab tested and contains no THC meaning you get all the benefits without the high.


We use medicinal mushroom like lions mane extract and cordyceps Extract

Mushroom Kingdom

using 1:1 real mushrooms extracts, organically cultivated and naturally grow as nature intended. No unnatural substrates made of cereal grains or rice (aka) no BS!


Plant herbs

Ancient Herbs

The herbs and sweeteners were hand-selected due to there many benefits as aphrodisiacs and enhanced libido & sexual performance.



What I like most is the ease and convenience of the product. I can take it with me if im on the go or simply boil water, tear package, dump and stir.
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