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  • Matcha & CBD – 10 packets

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    Discover our new energize and recover beverage. This detoxifying Sweet Matcha with CBD powder is made from finally ground green tea leaves, CBD powder and sweetened perfectly for an amazing sweet matcha taste: Matcha Green powder is packed with rich antioxidants. Rich in fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins C, selenium zinc, and magnesium Matcha is a perfect alternative for caffeine is you…

  • Second Brain Hot Chocolate – Psilocybin Micro-dose


    Second Brain – Microdosed Hot Chocolate Second brain hot chocolate is the perfect psilocybin microdose that allows your body to experience a light glow without the daunting effects of an overwhelming magic mushroom high. It’s a very light and mild experience that’s complemented with natural raw cacao, lions mane 1:1 mushrooms extract, and nicotinic acid (vitamin B3) to help with…

Four Great Flavours To Choose From.

Ingredients Designed For Health & Immunity.

Energize & Recover

"All the benefits without the high"


“Absolutely love the primal herbs tin, I woke up and noticed the difference in my lobito right away, one might say it saved my marriage”


“The hot chocolate is outstanding, it’s the perfect treat just before bed”

Linda Levick


Our Promise

At Rise & Grind Elixir sources the highest quality whole food ingredients and extracts available. Giving you a potent elixir with a broad range of health benefits.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We proudly create the best products possible and guarantee you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our CBD elixirs, we ask you to contact us. Info@riseandgrindelixir.com


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